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Best Brunches in Florence

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Even in a country like Italy, which has strong culinary traditions, brunch has swiftly established itself as a trend and become part of our habits. This tempting meal, rich in a simple but less demanding breakfast than a conventional Sunday lunch, symbolizes a new ritual, a moment of leisure and taste with Pancakes and French toast, yogurt Bowls and detox, avocado toast and eggs in all their variations. Is your mouth watering? So, here are ten rooms in the heart of Florence where you can enjoy a fantastic brunch!

Shake Cafè: a diverse menu of authentic cuisine and fresh handcrafted desserts of the day, all produced with organic and local ingredients. Fruits and vegetables, meticulously selected for quality and freshness, are the stars of centrifuges and smoothies, as well as customizable bowls and salads. Four rooms are dispersed across Florence's historic center, from one overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella to the largest in via Cavour, offering modern and light places ideal for studying, reading, or resting in company. Brunch is available every day, and you can express yourself freely by selecting meals from the menu or opting for the Brunch Plate combination.

Location :

Shake Café

Via del Corso 28, Firenze – Phone: 055215952

Via Cavour 67/R, Firenze – Phone: 0550515418

Via degli Avelli 2R, Firenze – Phone: 055295310

Via dei Neri 56, Firenze – Phone: 0559060597

Presso Manifattura Tabacchi, via delle Cascine 35, Firenze - Phone: 0550682661

Riva Lofts is a gem located on the left side of the Arno, just a short distance from Florence's Renaissance center. Today, the Riva-K restaurant represents the core of this intimate and pleasant area, which, with the room sometimes and the fireplace, is an exclusive and welcoming setting that makes you feel at home. Every Sunday, by reservation, you may partake in the Brunch at a fixed fee (38 euros), which is a genuine voyage here to explore the habits and gourmet culture of many countries. In fact, in addition to a range of sweets created by the chef, we find an ad hoc menu with four styles of breakfast: Swedish, German, English, and Californian.

The foods that differentiate the moment of breakfast in the chosen country are suggested for each menu, accompanied by a beer or a themed drink. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


RIVA-K, via Baccio Bandinelli 98, Firenze - Phone: 3757040879

Brunch Republic

He recently created a place where brunch is the absolute protagonist at the center's gates, on Viale Matteotti: Brunch Republic is a Mestre-born chain that offers the much-loved Anglo-Saxon meal in all its varieties! Every day, from morning to evening, here is always a good time to taste the iconic brunch recipes, and there is truly for all tastes: the menu is divided according to the specialty, for example, in the Eggs Lovers section we find The eggs cooked in all their variations, with the possibility of adding extra ingredients at will, while pancakes lovers can choose between 8 delicious sweet and savory variants, with the most classic with maple syrup and berries up to the mornin's savory. Lotus cream or pistachio cream, for example, or the Sun Kissed Salmon with smoked salmon, avocado cream, yogurt cream, spreadable cheese, sprouts, and citrus maple syrup. The menu continues with Avocado Toast, French Toast, Bagels, Burgers, and Sandwiches, as well as a large selection of Milkshake, centrifuges, smoothies, and "milk" in both hot and cold versions, as well as a rich collection of bubbles, wines, and cocktails.


Brunch Republic, viale Matteotti 30, Firenze - Phone: 0550730354

Melaleuca, a bright place on the Lungarno delle Grazie that takes its name from an Australian tree, has been a real point of reference for some years now between international students and local students who want to feel for a moment elsewhere: from Melaleuca it is always a good time for Brunch, thanks to a menu that proposes a variety of international specialties including toasts, bagels, eggs, and pancakes, to be accompanied by Smoothies or a Homemade delicacies such as carrot cake, Babka (soft leavened butter - prepared with various creams), and the famed Cinnamon Rolls, exquisite cinnamon swivels, should not be missed.

Website: Melaleuca



Melaleuca, Lungarno delle Grazie 18, Firenze - Phone: 0556146894

SimBIOsi Organic Cafe

A cafeteria in via dei Ginori serves organic food and specialty coffee among the antique and intriguing walls of a medieval building. Symbosi Organic Cafè is a branch of the neighboring and homonymous restaurant specializing in pizza and organic pasta, and was inspired by the same philosophy: to create a sustainable and responsible space based on a careful selection of raw materials, rigorously biological, and as short a chain as possible. A distinct site in which the medieval characteristics of the rooms coexist with vintage elements and more modern accents. Brunch is served daily from 9 a.m. to 15 a.m., and the menu includes toasts, bagels, pancakes, and bowls with vegetarian and vegan options, as well as the obligatory eggs, scrambled or fried.


SimBIOsi Organic Cafe: via dei Ginori angolo via Guelfa 11/13r, Firenze - Phone: 0550640115

Rooster Cafe

If you're searching for a New York-style brunch spot just a few steps from the Duomo, the Rooster Cafè is the place to go!Every day from Tuesday to Sunday, a quiet brick room and a menu with all the staples of American brunch will make you feel like you're at a hot table in New York: a broad selection of greedy Bagels and Club Sandwiches, Eggs, and yet the pancakes, smooties, and American coffee cups.Not to mention the high quality of the raw materials, which are 100% Italian organic.Try the house favorites, the Chicken N'Waffles: fried chicken on excellent waffles with maple syrup and homemade honey musty.


Rooster Cafè, via Sant'Egidio 37r, Firenze - Phone: 055240208

CRU Cucina Rustica Umbra

CRU is an urban rustic cuisine bistro that strives to rediscover memory dishes through a selection of Italian and region products. Brunch is served every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m., with a fixed price formula (25 euros) that includes a meal, a drink, coffee, and water. There are meals for meat, fish, and vegetables, so you may select from the sauce meatballs, the house marinated salmon, and the goat salad, cbt egg with tomato and parmesan on bread crust. There are also two great sandwiches, the tuna club with tuna roast-fish and the space Truffle with Prato mortadella, scrambled eggs with truffle, gorgonzola, and other ingredients. Finally, as an additional option, there is the fondue chinoise, that is: meat morsels to be cooked at the moment in a hot broth. There are also many cocktails, including several signature drinks. Here the complete list. Taglieri and sweets apart for an even richer brunch.


CRU Cucina Rustica Umbra via dell’Agnolo 48r, Firenze - Phone: 0552344120


A place that tries to surprise you, as the name suggests: "Babae!" It is, in reality, a Latin cry of wonder, akin to "wow!" Babae, located in the heart of the Oltrarno, is notable for reviving the old Florentine ritual of the "hole" of wine, while its imaginative chambers painted with murals, lighting, and numerous plants provide a friendly location to gather at all hours of the day. The ideal backdrop for an Instagram-worthy lunch! Avocado toast, salads, bagels, and yogurt bowls are constantly available, but you can also order just one item to sample everything.

This place is also famous for the wine window that is open all day long.

Website: Babae


Babae, va Santo Spirito 21r, Firenze – Phone: 0556144429

Ditta Artigianale

Born in 2013 as Micro Roastery, the artisan company managed to bring the first line of specialty coffee shops in Italy and now has five large and welcoming local with vintage design scattered throughout the heart of Florence, the most recent of which has recently opened in the spaces renovated by the historic pub Joyce. Brunch is served every day from 9 to 15 a.m. in all artisan dictates, and you can choose from classic international cuisine proposals (American Pancakes, French Toast, scrambled eggs, Croque Monsieur, Bagel, Club Sandwiches) or more seasonal dishes inspired by Tuscan and Italian tradition.


Ditta Artigianale

Via de Neri 32r, Firenze – Phone: 0552741541

Via dello Sprone 5r, Firenze – Phone: 0550457163

Via dei Carducci 2r, Firenze – Phone: 0559367419

Via Lungarno Soderini 7R, Firenze – Phone: 0553874550

Piazza Ferrucci 1/r, Firenze - Phone: 0557714875

Seeds Pop Up Bar

A hostel just outside Florence's medieval walls hides the Seeds pop up bar by Julian Biondi and Anastasia Kovrigina, a new concept of extensive and itinerant bar, ready to put roots and sprout in unexpected and seemingly inaccessible areas. Today, held inside the Tasso hostel, a different brunch is staged every Sunday, a globetrotter who leads us to distant cuisines using local products. This Sunday, for example, you head to Japan with a set price menu (25 euros) that includes traditional ramen, grilled packed Gyoza, Japanese rice with circular farm mushrooms and seasonal vegetables, and chef's surprise sweets.

Website: Seeds Pop Up Bar


Seeds Pop Up Bar presso Ostello Tasso, via Villani 15, Firenze - Phone: 3201465084

A Casa Ca.fe

Placing himself at the crossroads of various needs at home, ca.fe represents a refined bistrot, open from the morning for a rich and healthy breakfast; for lunch for a quick meal or a journey of taste around Italy; in the afternoon for a relaxing snack; and at dinner for a rich proposal of original dishes and tastings that range between traditional dishes and healthy dishes.

Also this place is offering lugged deposit all day long if you need, very helpful for some one that just arrive in Florence or is in tow for one day.

look at the menu here

Website: A Casa Ca.fe


A Casa ca.fe : Via della Spada, 47, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy Phone: +39 055 286168

Le Vespe Cafe

If you're looking for a traditional North American breakfast in Florence, go no farther than Le Vespe Cafe. Students from the United States are enjoying their time abroad and sipping their much-anticipated American coffee, while brave Italians try eggs Benedict. (Eating eggs at such an early hour? What a unique experience.) The service is polite, kind, and welcome, and the location is ideal. It's breathtaking. Le Vespe is housed in a historic home overlooking one of Florence's oldest streets, just a few steps from Piazza Santa Croce.

Website: Le Vespe Cafe


Le Vespe Cafe : Via Ghibellina, 76r, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy, Phone: +39 055 388 0062

Tino Bistrò - ex Tino Caffè - Brunch a Firenze - Brunch in Florence

Tino Bistro is the ideal Brunch Spot in Florence. Tino Bistro takes pleasure in providing a broad assortment of cuisine that appeals to everyone's needs and tastes. Our menu is a celebration of Italian, American, and English food that will please any appetite. We offer a variety of options for Italians who wish to enjoy the true English or American brunch, including pancakes, French toast, burgers, bacon, eggs, and sausages. Our menu is intended to provide a filling and delectable start to your day. Our brunch menu is ideal for individuals who are intrigued about brunch and want to experience something different. Brunch is an American ritual that is not common in Italy, and we provide a variety of foods that are sure to please. Our brunch menu has something for everyone, from classic Eggs Benedict to decadent French toast. We also understand that tourists may be looking for a sense of home while visiting, which is why we offer a varied assortment of cuisine to suit a variety of tastes. Our menu offers it all, whether you want a traditional English breakfast or an American-style burger. Tino Bistro understands that everyone has various interests and preferences, and we endeavor to accommodate them all. So, whether you're a local seeking for a tasty brunch or a tourist searching for a flavor of home, we urge you to come and enjoy the best of Italian, American, and English cuisine.

Website: Tino Bistro


Tino Bistrò: Via della Scala, 55/r, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy Phone: +39 055 217373

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