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Best Food Grab and Go in Florence

Florence is Famous Across the World For Its Renaissance Works and for his great artists, who had ferried the highway from the dark Middle Ages to the Renaissance to the present day. Florence is Famous for its works of art and artists like as Michelangelo, Bruellschi, Donatello, Giotto, Botticelli, and the great Leonardo da Vinci. But few People Realize That Florence is Famous for Its Food, Particularly Street Food.Following that, We'll Give You Some Suggestions For Roadside Stops and Places to Grab a Sandwich, Grab and Go ...

Florence, Italy, is famed for its great food, and there are many options for quick bites.Here are some suggestions for the greatest quick-service restaurants in Florence:

Panini Shops:

For a quick and portable dinner, visit a neighborhood panini store.These establishments frequently serve a selection of fresh, made-to-order sandwiches created using high-quality ingredients.

Street Food Stalls:

Discover Florence's street food culture.Look for kiosks selling typical Tuscan foods such as lampredotto (tripe sandwich), panzerotti (fried dough pockets with a variety of fillings), and schiacciata (flatbread).

Mercato Centrale:

Visit Florence's central market, the Mercato Centrale, where you'll discover a variety of vendors selling fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, and prepared delicacies.Grab something quick from one of the market's merchants.


There are wonderful pizzerias in Florence where you may get a slice or a complete pizza. It's a simple and tasty choice for a quick dinner on the run.


Gelato is a must-try in Italy, and Florence boasts some of the best. Grab a cone or cup and enjoy this delectable frozen delicacy while strolling through the city.

Bakeries and Focaccia shops:

Look for bakeries and focaccerie that sell a wide range of savory and sweet baked foods. Focaccia, in particular, can be a tasty and convenient solution.

Salumerie (Delicatessens):

For cured meats, cheeses, and other antipasti, go to a local salumerie. By selecting a variety of these delectable foods, you may make your own unique snack or picnic.

Remember to explore the local neighborhoods and ask for advice from residents. Florence is full of hidden treasures, and you might come across some amazing grab-and-go options off the usual path.

All'Antico Vinaio, located near the Uffizi Gallery, is famous for its massive and excellent panini. The line may be long, but it goes swiftly, and the fresh and generously loaded sandwiches are worth the wait. Let me state unequivocally that there is more to panini in Florence than l'Antico Vinaio. And if you're wondering why they're so popular, try this foolproof recipe: Thousands (13K+) of tripadvisor reviews, largely because they've been featured for a long time, larger-than-life panini and affordable wine for under 5-10€. The panini at L'Antico Vinaio are nice, even exquisite, but not worth standing in line for up to an hour for. Keep in mind that I'm not here to bash any particular company, as food is incredibly personal, but rather to provide some alternatives. Panini in Italy are designed to be basic, with few ingredients: predominantly cheese and/or meat. They appear to have devolved into enormous man vs. food feasts here! Not that I don't appreciate a delicious huge panino, but I recommend that people consume information (and food) with a discriminating palette. I'm skeptical of the ingredients, both in terms of what's in their spreads and where they get their meats and cheeses. My personal preferences are for more artisan-style restaurants that stress ingredient sourcing/quality. Though not usually, I do enjoy junk food on occasion! But I often get asked, "Is Antico Vinaio really that good?" Yes, it is, but if you don't want to spend an hour in line, there are some options.

This small sandwich shop is close to the Uffizi Gallery. I Due Fratellini serves a variety of panini and is popular among both locals and visitors. The rates are modest, making it an excellent choice for a quick and delicious supper.

The Mercato Centrale is not only a fun site to visit, but it also includes a variety of food sellers with a variety of alternatives. Everything from pasta and pizza to fresh seafood and salads is available.

Gusta Pizza is the place to go for a quick and delicious pizza fix. This pizzeria, located near the Santa Croce Basilica, is famed for its classic Margherita pizza and provides a nice ambiance for a quick supper.

Pino's, located near the Santa Maria Novella train station, is a famous destination for panini. The sandwiches are created from high-quality ingredients, and vegetarian choices are available.

While gelato is not typically a grab-and-go item, Vivoli Gelato, one of Florence's oldest gelaterias, offers little cups or cones that you may enjoy while strolling through the city.

Visit Procacci if you're looking for a more expensive grab-and-go experience. This traditional delicatessen near the Piazza della Repubblica is famous for its truffle sandwiches.

This bakery in the Santa Croce area district is well-known for its delectable pastries, bread, and sandwiches. It's off the beaten road and offers a more authentic experience.

Brunori has a variety of rolls to choose from if you don't want a gigantic panino, and they have pretty excellent fillings (such artichoke cream) that I believe are prepared in house. They also bake their own bread because they are a breadshop (Panificio), which is a significant plus that Vinaio does not have. Their pricing are reasonable, usually around 3-4€ per item, and they also offer additional treats such as savory mini-foccaccia nibbles. They don't serve cheap wine by the glass, but they do sell mini-bottles of wine and beer. I recommend beer because the wine is actually worse than the bag-in-box. Because of its position on a little street with limited parking, this is strictly a residents' haunt that you must see. Because the wine is actually worse than the bag-in-box, I recommend lager. This is mainly a locals' haunt that you must see due to its location on a small street with restricted parking.

Keep in mind that some smaller places may have limited hours or close in the afternoon. Furthermore, Florence's narrow lanes and charming streets provide several opportunity to discover hidden jewels, so venture outside the main tourist locations for authentic and wonderful grab-and-go options.

If you like to discover Florence in another way come and take our Florence Free Tour . We are starting from Santa Maria Novella square next to the obelisk in front of Church facade

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