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Butcher Menoni, a special one in Florence with more then 100 years of experience...

My grandfather, Guido Fanfani opened the business in 1921. In 1935 my father, after becoming engaged to Fanfani's daughter, my mother, began working in the butcher's shop. The work of the Menoni butcher's shop was based on the continuous search, together with trusted intermediaries, for the best quality calves from local farmers, who evaluated the animals and decided when to slaughter them in order to obtain the ideal condition. The activity in that period was characterized by two fundamental factors: - the S. Ambrogio market was the square where the wholesale of fruit and vegetables took place for the entire province of Florence; work began at night with the arrival of agricultural products from farmers and large local and foreign farms. At 5 am, with the ringing of the bell, negotiations began which lasted until 10 in the morning when the bell rang; - retail food sales took place inside the S. Ambrogio market, which began with the ringing of the bell at 7.30 and ended with the bell at 1.00. The products treated were only food, and fruit and vegetables were excluded.

MEAT AND QUALITY This topic is the fulcrum on which our butcher's shop and its daily life focuses. Quality in the meat = quality of life of the animal = quality of breeding = quality of integration in the territory = quality of life for all living beings. Consuming quality meat means making quality, furthermore: quality is not quantity. Therefore, in the Menoni butcher's shop, the meats offered are the result of professional experience handed down through three generations and of a careful selection of farms and breeds (quality of choice); after this phase we move on to the maturation and processing with the de-boning technique which must be done in a professional manner, avoiding the meat being de-greased and peeled before being used. With this measure, better preservation of the nutritional and organoleptic properties (quality of processing) is achieved; at the same time, it is equally important to use the appropriate cut for each dish you intend to consume, and you need to ask your trusted butcher for this (quality of cut). Consuming quality meat means using it all without making waste, so we return to quality of life. The Menoni Butchery, a specialist in good meat, is a Guarantee of Quality "When we buy meat we do a very important act for our lives. Therefore it is equally important when we prepare it for sale" With these words my father initiated me into the long school of learning a trade that is today more refined than ever and intended for intelligent and educated people.

THE RISTOMACELLERIA In October 2017, after a long restoration and modernization of the butcher's shop, La Terrazza Menoni opened its doors, the first Risto Macelleria in Florence. In addition to offering excellent dishes that respect the Tuscan tradition, prepared by skilled butcher chefs, the Terrazza Menoni offers a view from above of the ancient market of Sant'Ambrogio. All the ingredients used in our preparations come directly from the market stalls and from the Luca Menoni butcher's shop on the ground floor.

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