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Slitti new Chocolate shop in Florence

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

If you are visiting Florence for the first time, there are many things to see and try in this little great city. the famous Renaissance cradle, where great artists like: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Donatello, and many others lived and made their masterpiece. In the last few days another great artist opened his new laboratory, and shop here in Florence. This new artist is a different artist is an artist of food, in particularly a master of chocolate. His name is Andrea Slitti. In February opened in Florence Slitti chocolate shop, another store of the famous brand of chocolate winner of many international prizes and awards for pastry and chocolate. 54 years after its foundation in Monsummano Terme as a coffee roaster. And which in the early nineties launched himself into the production of chocolate, winning numerous international prizes over 180 in 2022.

Florence free walking tour  history of chocolate

Andrea Slitti founder is proud of his new opening in Florence, capital of the Tuscany region, and capital of the Renaissance worldwide. It must also be remembered that the first importer of chocolate from the Americas was a Florentine in the distant 1610 Francesco Carletti who made the first chocolate in a cup. Today Andrea Slitti follows in the footsteps of Carletti, innovating and winning prizes one after the other. One of the last the "Golden Tablet of 2022" held in Forenze For the Florentine food and wine review "TASTE" In his new shop located in piazza dell Olio Number 4/6 red in its new shop of 150mq" 493 Foot square. That is open from 8 am to 20 pm, all people will have the possibility to test their masterpieces, that made this brand famous all around the world.

If you are coming to our daily free tour you will have the possibility to discover some good place where you could have some specialty of downtown of Florence, and many others tips and secrets. We want to give some information for all the people that don't know this Italian brand, specially the people from foreign countries and tourists, that have already visited the bell tower of Giotto and the Cathedral of Florence with the majestic Brunelleschi Dome, all the tourists will be the possibility to stop in this new shape that by the corner of Dome square. Here the customers has the possibility to have a 360 degree experience with the world of Slitti family and their chocolate. people have the possibility to try the coffee productions from 1969, and the most famous chocolate like waffle and gelato, different hot chocolate cups, it is possible to find more the 40 different "praline" the most famous that could you find is " Caffe Turco" that won the last new award in 2023. but it is possible ti find also her the famous Churros from Spain, waffle, craffen with gelato inside, "Torta della Nonna" "torta al ciocolato all'arancio", and the new figs from Calabria with Sambica, and the last chocolate GranCacao 73 %, or the Chocolat cream Gianera. But the offer of Slitti is not stopping here. there is a great variety of sandwich, Focaccia, Schiacciata Salata, con Gorgonzola, pears and walnuts, Burrata, dry tomatoes, tartar made with pedemonte meat.

Andrea is not the first that opened a chocolate laboratory in Florence there are several other artisan and masters of chocolate in downtown we can give some name to have a general idea: Vestri in via degli Albizi 11 R, or

Ciccolateria Ballerini in via Borgo Ognisanti 132,

Venchi in via Calzaiuoli 65 R

Revoir piazza della Signoria 5R

Piazza dell'olio is famous also for a very original thing, at the corner of Piazza dell' olio e via dei Cerretani is possible to see a particularly plate in the wall, that remember the old hotel Aquila Nera, where a very young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a 14 years old artist with his father stayed, for their grant tour in Italy and a concert in Florence in Poggio Imperiale villa, the house of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. Although the concerts held during his stay in the beautiful Florentine city proved to be a real success, Leopold's dream of finding work for his son did not come true.Wolfgang Amadeus was instead hired years later by the same father's employer, the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, and then by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II

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