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Accademia Gallery 2023, two million visitors

The Accademia Gallery closed its doors in 2023 after welcoming over two million visitors—2,013,974—a record never before attained by the public. This means that the magnificent David by Michelangelo, which has always been a popular focal point, is no longer packed with people. Not only does this location have "museums inside the museum" like the department of musical instruments and the gipsoteca, but they are scattered throughout every room.

"I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the wonderful experience I had when I recently visited your museum. As a disabled person, I frequently have trouble accessing cultural organizations, but your museum's dedication to accessibility has made my visit really enjoyable. This is just a portion of a handwritten message that was sent via postal mail from America, according to director Cecilie Hollberg. And there's no other way for me to say thank you. My objectives were accomplished: I raised the standard of the show schedule and made the Academy of Florence Gallery accessible to everybody.

In many ways, the ultimate balance for 2023 is really favorable. We collaborate with the whole museum team to identify the most recent reintroduced pieces. We have planned several events, including book presentations, concerts, and special visits that have drawn in a variety of public. Numerous partnerships with esteemed Italian and foreign establishments have been established, with an emphasis on scientific research initiatives. We have added new pieces to the collections, repaired older pieces, and produced brand-new publications. The first mono-graphic exhibition on Pier Francesco Foschi, a neglected artist who has contributed to enhancement and rediscovery, opened its doors for business as we wrapped up.

When it comes to 2023 numbers, the one recorded by the Academy of Florence Gallery on December 31, 2023, is a first. The number of entrances increased by 42% between 2015 and the present under Cecilie Hollberg's leadership. The museum recorded 2,013,974 visits as of December 31, 2023, up from 1,415,409 in 2015. This rise was consistent with the pattern of rising visitor numbers over the two years of the epidemic. These are the numbers that detachable tickets detected on Monday, the day of closure, without taking into account the attendance of the general public at the museum's numerous programs.

If you want know more about Michelangelo Buonarroti and its masterpiece, the David... Let us know, we are organizing a free walking tour of Florence, we are starting form Santa Maria Novella square, in front of Minerva hotel. In our tour we are going to see the original location where the David was for many years, and where today its possible to see the replica in the famous Signoria square...

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